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YSA Dark Patterns

Posted by admin on September 17, 2010 in Development, Ethics, Interaction Design, Meta |

Today I came across this great website that features the dirty tricks web designers play on people. Here is a presentation by the curator of the site, Harry Brignull:

I don’t find the books he featured teach dirty tricks, but according to the definition of dirty tricks Harry employs, they would:

This pattern library is dedicated to Dark Patterns: user interfaces that have been designed to trick users into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise have done. Normally when you think of “bad design”, you think of laziness or mistakes. These are known as design anti-patterns. Dark Patterns are different – they are not mistakes, they are carefully crafted with a solid understanding of human psychology, and they do not have the user’s interests in mind.

To me, it is Harry’s examples of the ‘default’ and making it really hard for someone to opt-out that are excellent illustrations of dirty tricks. He offers more great ones on his Dark Patterns site. But the site also got me thinking about a post that we haven’t seen on YSAT yet. What dirty tricks have you seen in transmedia? What unethical actions have you seen? (And I’m not talking about what people do in the industry generally. Crikey, I could talk for ages about the dirty tactics people use. I’m talking about the dirty tricks in relation to the audience/player.)



YSA Meaningfulness

Posted by admin on September 17, 2010 in Design, Development, Meta, Participation, Writing |

I was asked to write an article about my company for the IGDA Newsletter special edition on ARGs. I chose to write about why I’m “Going Indie for Meaningfulness and Money“. I thought I’d share it with you since many of you may be traveling down the same path. I also wanted to share with […]


YSA Actualising Your Depictions

Posted by admin on September 17, 2010 in Design, Development, Execution, Participation, User Experience |

Now that sounds like a weird title, doesn’t it? What do I mean by ‘actualising your depictions’? What I’m referring to is the depiction of a character searching the internet, or having a social media conversation in a video, and then not having them seeded online. That is: I hate it when I watch characters […]


YSA Being an Artist – by Quentin Tarantino

Posted by admin on September 15, 2010 in Development, Writing |

I discovered this video through Armen Antranikian, a cracker about the power of being an artist over a “careerist”:


YSA Advising – by “Bret Donovan”

Posted by admin on September 9, 2010 in Meta |

This is another fun break: the latest webisode from Kevin K. Shah and John T. Woods, where they put the boot into all the hack consultants out there (which may be directed at all of us…but I don’t care, I find it funny). The series follows Bret Donovan, the “New Creative Director and PMD of […]


YSA Sucking

Posted by admin on September 4, 2010 in Design, Development, Execution, Production, Writing |

I find it interesting that there has predominantly been two types of responses to this website. Beginners always ask how they can avoid ending up here, how they can avoid sucking at transmedia; while people who have worked in the area for a while are really excited about the idea of sharing the times they […]


YSA Publishing an Online Game – by Phil Stuart

Posted by admin on September 4, 2010 in Development, Distribution, Marketing, Measurement, Participation |

In response to Nicholas Lovell’s book How to Publish a Game, Phil Stuart of Preloaded wrote a detailed and helpful post about how they publish online games. He includes the following points: Seed your game smartly – Seed your game smartly – Time poor seeding Integrate with Portals – Adapt to the environment Work with […]



YSA Consulting

Posted by admin on September 4, 2010 in Clients |

The other day I received a lovely invite to be on the new Transmedia Talk podcast over at Lance Weiler’s Workbook Project. Nick Braccia and Robert Pratten co-host the show, which features both Anita Ondine from Seize the Media and Dee Cook from Dog Tale Media. Nick and Robert wanted me to talk about this […]


YSA Transmedia Trailers

Posted by admin on August 24, 2010 in Marketing, Pitching, Production |

I’ve been a judge on plenty of awards ceremonies, both public and private (internal to an organisation or corporation). I’m always surprised (and disappointed) when I assess the material submitted for a ‘cross-media’ or ‘transmedia’ or ‘multi-platform’ etc project. Why? Because nine times out of ten the assets provided are for one media. I cannot […]



YSA Gamification – by Amy Jo Kim

Posted by admin on August 24, 2010 in Design, Development, Participation |

This is another post about what other people have written about. I’m just still head down in the middle of run time for a project, and so that is the reason for my lack of personal contribution. But I’ve been seeing some awesome stuff out there, including these notes from a special workshop run by […]

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